Oppo 93 review what hifi

Scaling on DVD test patterns was excellent, with images as good as anything I have tested outside of expensive video processors, and no one should be disappointed with the video performance of the Oppo BDP-103. Write a review.


If you want us to review it drop us a line and we just might bump it to the front of our reviews queue. Using the HDMI input to feed streaming Internet video of the Chicago Marathon, the image looked better than when fed to my plasma directly.

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oppo 93 review what hifi

Peppermint — Blu-ray Movie Review. High Resolution Audio. Oppo BDP-93 Blu-ray player.

September 17, 2018. What Are We Saying? A Condo Conundrum: Oppo, Blu ray, Video, Universal Players.

oppo 93 review what hifi

IMD test results with 19 kHz and 20 kHz test tones are great here as well. The forthcoming iOS application should make it easy as well for those of us with iPhones, and Android users already have an app that they can use. Home Reviews Reviews. August 18, 2016.

oppo 93 review what hifi

Whole-house or Multi-zone Audio. The fall off on the noise floor is there and there are some spikes out there as well. Read Full Review. Of course, Oppo has kept up by offering far more features than they had on their previous players.

Oppo BDP-103 Universal Blu-ray Player

If you have an older AV receiver that can't decode the newest audio formats... With interlaced content the video scaler was able to properly deinterlace 2: December 19, 2018. See all scores. US Edition. With many of the features we expect on the Oppo, such as dual HDMI outputs and a Source Direct mode, the Sony offered up phenomenal performance for its price.

Nothing added or removed, but as pure an image as anyone can offers. Watching movies was the same experience at it was on the BDP-93.