Nee how kylan games to play

And because the lesson is usually couched in a song precisely designed to get stuck in your head for days , it's easy for the kids to remember and I'm able to ask them about what they've learned.

Now, don't get me wrong: View Comments. Armchair Geek Chinese Games languages Television toys. I do worry a little bit about Kai-lan merchandising becoming as ubiquitous as Dora, but there's probably no way around that. She'll occasionally say "NO!

Learning Chinese with "Ni Hao, Kai-lan"

Overall, I'm pleased that there's a kids' show that features Chinese, particularly since they teach about the culture as well as the language. Brian Barrett Brian Barrett.

nee how kylan games to play

GeekDad Interviews the Voice of Kai-lan. If you have kids, I imagine it's impossible not to know who Dora the Explorer is, even if you haven't seen the show yourself, because she seems to be absolutely everywhere. For me, though, the biggest reason I let my kids watch "Ni Hao, Kai-lan" is because it generates enthusiasm for learning Chinese: More Stories.

It doesn't offer much for adults, but after I played a couple times with my girls, they decided to continue playing on their own a few more times. GeekDad Goes to Taiwan: There are also Kai-lan Mega Blok sets I know, you LEGO purists out there would never consider these, but they're at least more creative than just a straight dollhouse.

nee how kylan games to play

Has Dora ever tried that with Swiper? In addition to teaching the Chinese language, however, Kai-lan aims to teach kids a bit of multiculturalism as well. This fall, Nickelodeon also introduced a new line of toys and games related to the show.

Finally, there are some plush Kai-lan dolls with different faces "Happy," "Silly," "Giggly," "Sweet".

nee how kylan games to play

After watching a few episodes with my kids, though, I've learned something that I'm sure other parents have experienced: I find that Chinese translations are often sloppily done and not quite accurate, but they've done a good job getting accurate Chinese for the toys.

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nee how kylan games to play