Lynxwarlord how to fix lag on ps3

The only terrorist here is Sony. Had Geohot not been there someone else would have found this error sooner or later. This seems to have fixed my problems. Thank you for registering!

How to Make your PS3 run faster and better *NO LAG*

In stock ships within 24-48 hrs buy. I found it disturbing that games I legally paid for could be rendered useless because of the DRM and a clock bug.

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Call of Duty Advanced Warfare 3-11-15 Update out now for PS4 & PS3

If they only get few complaints they could either pay out or let it play out in court. I agree you should just screw unreasonable customers cause they certainly exist. LYNX-79 said:. You remind me of the drunks at the club who always have to have the last word, no matter how many times the bouncer opened the door with your head to show you out. I think you misunderstood my point. Sony was really setting themselves apart from the XBOX strategy of limiting the options of their customers, but now it seems that might be changing.


I decided to plug my PS3 in directly to my wireless router with an ethernet cable. Q1's Biggest Games Nine games you can't miss in Q1 2019. View as: What is your definition of these customers? Hyperkin buy.

Hackers hack; companies will need to figure out rational actions as a response. Results 1 to 8 of 8. Try and relax more, maybe play a game or two, or set up a proxy: BUT, you gotta admit that the sentence can be read the other way too.