Howard the duck theme remix

TV on the Radio. Bellenger1981 Reply: Michael J. I love how you are unpredictable with what you post. They seem to be showing more retro movies on the premium cable channels these days, which of course we all appreciate. Re-Release Status Aside from a brief non-hexagonal edition that came out shortly after the original version, this soundtrack remained out-of-print entirely until 2010, when Intrada did a limited edition re-issue on CD.

The Soundtrack The score to The Terminator is one of the most recognizable and powerful movie themes of all-time, and has been re-worked and remixed for every sequel that has come since.

howard the duck theme remix

Of course, sometimes a re-issue label like Intrada, La La Land Records or Death Waltz Recordings get their hands on it and make it available once more. You can skip to the end and leave a response.


The Movie A murderous gang descends upon a nearly abandoned police station to lay waste to anyone inside. I will seriously have to look into this movie. John Barry.

howard the duck theme remix

August 5th, 2015 at 11: Wow, what a treat. The only thing worth noting about this film today is the crazy soundtrack.

howard the duck theme remix

Its Don't Come Cheap. Howard The Duck is the greatest movie ever made in my opinion. The Soundtrack This one is a bit odd. The song features Cherry Bomb which were a fictional band in the film consisting of actress Lea Thompson on lead vocals. I'm On My Way. Anything associated with Mr.

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Howard The Duck Soundtrack - H. Part 1. So here, in no certain order at all, are my most wanted out-of-print soundtracks. You're The Duckiest.

howard the duck theme remix

Maroon 5.