How to shoot high-speed photography liquid

Use your imagination and editing software to create interesting images. Try Different color liquids, you can use food coloring. Trying the Splash! If firing the flashes yourself with radio triggers , perform test drops to fine-tune the timing.

how to shoot high-speed photography liquid

PS Yadav accurate great shots. Aditya Maity Perfect.

This photo was taken in my home studio during a practice session for an upcoming workshop. You tend to get more of a variety and some amazing results using these; however, for more consistency and a lot less effort, you could invest in an automatic camera and flash triggering device.

Image by Rkakoka Ana and Marko Miladinovic. A long time ago, I was using an air rifle to shoot bulbs, and a bullet went bouncing and damaged a flash!

Improve Your High-Speed Photography with These Expert Tips

PS Yadav good content. Try the flowing: The Texans 2-5 have lost three of their past four games while giving up 139 points during that stretch. Simon Binay Purty nice blog thanks Nikon.

how to shoot high-speed photography liquid

The background paper that I taped-up was very wrinkled but that was the only paper available that was wide enough so I had to use it. A hot glue gun is perfect for keeping many balancing parts steady and immovable. Any light source can be used.

How To: High-Speed Action Photos Using Flash

While all the above can surely get you impressive results, you can shoot high speed action right inside your home. The image was lit using two Indra500 flash heads, one providing backlighting, which really makes the water stand out, and another providing side lighting to illuminate my hand. Based on your lighting setup.

how to shoot high-speed photography liquid

STEP 4: When the coffee bucket was empty it was time to add the milk to the coffee photos. PS Yadav wonderful pics. Focal length 100mm; exposure 2.

how to shoot high-speed photography liquid

Vivekananda Pradhan Speed is great. I used a 50mm lens with a set focus. Nikon D7200 camera, Nikon 35mm f1. Here are the results:.

how to shoot high-speed photography liquid

In the pictures above, I have a flash on the floor near the background with the flash head angled upward to get this fade-effect where it goes from lighter at the bottom to darker at the top, but did not think it was quite as I wanted it.