How to create alerters in webi

Upcoming Events: The Objects and Variables dialog box appears. Thanks for the reply.

SAP Webi - Conditional Formatting

Alerters cannot be applied to charts. Under Operator, select Less than.

how to create alerters in webi

Governance 1. Select New Rule... Once you have set up your conditional formatting rule, you can apply it to a single cell, several cells on the row, or the whole row.

Open the Sorted Data report and click the Report 3 tab. I do not see Tools under Data Access tab. Hello All We recently upgraded to BI 4.

how to create alerters in webi

TeamDynamix 67. The new alerter is added to the list of alerters in the Alerters dialog box as shown below.

How to enable Alerter icon in WebI?

How do you want the format to change? Can you guide me further to where the issue may be on the rights?

how to create alerters in webi

Definitely using HTML.... Web Intelligence applies the default format to the results specified in the alerter as displayed in Cell contents. You can include up to 30 alerters in a document. This article has been viewed 7426 times.

You can apply those alerters to a maximum of 20 table columns or rows, free-standing cells or section cells on the reports. Alternatively, you can click the Browse button next to the Type a value field, click Select Values from the drop-down menu, and select Florida from the List of Values dialog box. When you are done, click "OK". Add your operator.