How to check jeep jk ball joints

Shop Wrangler Suspension Keeping your Wrangler's suspension is working properly is one way to prevent death wobble. Find More Posts by Silverback.

Checking ball joints

Wheel bearings: My experience with Extreme Terrain has been outstanding. Check out this guide. Have a second person observe for any movement in the ball joints. Members List.

Sloppy JK Steering? - Ball Joint Upgrades

Jack the front tire off the ground. Your front track bar, drag link, steering knuckles, ball joints, steering stabilizer, upper and lower control arms, and even bushings should be checked for damage or excessive wear. At its root, we're dealing with a vibration issue. If one connection is moving without the other then you have a bad track bar bushing.

how to check jeep jk ball joints

This guide will detail what causes death wobble, and how to fix the problem. Death wobble is a distinctly harsher shaking force and very difficult to control.

how to check jeep jk ball joints

Look directly underneath the passenger side connection point of the track bar while your friend turns the steering wheel back and forth just under a quarter turn each way. It has earned this name because it feels like your Wrangler is literally shaking itself apart and that letting go of the steering wheel can lead to a very bad day. Related Articles.

Jeep Death Wobble: Explanations & Fixes

Lower joint axial play spec limit is 0. College Scholarships. If there's obvious movement, the ball joints have failed.

how to check jeep jk ball joints

Axial up and down movement in the lower ball joint should not exceed 0. Wheel Bearing Assembly.

This isn't your standard, annoying vibration from unbalanced wheels. And thats the same on both sides.

how to check jeep jk ball joints

Forgot your Password? Another test can be done by using a jack to lift one of your wheels off the ground while your friend watches a ball joint. Here is how to do it: Depending on how badly damaged the rim is, no amount of wheel balancing will help.