How to be successful in simcity 4

A good place to start is learning the basics of how the game works. Go hospital first, then landfill, police, and eventually around a 17,000 population you get a recycling center and an incinerator.

how to be successful in simcity 4

If the road or roads going into the industrial city are getting overcrowded, you may try upgrading to an avenue, to handle the extra traffic. If your region grows slowly, be patient. You'll drain your initial funds very quickly.

SimCity 4 Strategy: Tips for Starting a New City

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Simcity 4 Tutorial - How to Build a City

Zone wisely: Edit Related wikiHows. You may have just become aware of this mod, and at this point might be wondering if you can also be immortalized as a MySim. It's some of the best buildings, lots, maps and mods collected for you over the years. NAM helps with commute time.

Raise taxes to 8 or 9 percent in the very beginning to boost your incoming revenue. Highlighted Posts. Sign in here. You can now wait a few game years, until you get a nice population and are ready for factories. That is, if you spent a lot of effort building-up a big commercial area, let's say, then it starts to falter, be willing to bulldoze it down and make something different, if that's "what the game wants.

We'll then release periodic updates to this file entry here on the STEX, including those newly immortalized who are equally welcome to be part of this as well.

how to be successful in simcity 4

Another way you can fix a budget is by rerouting essential services. New to the NAM? This is okay because nobody lives there and pollution cannot travel between cities.

how to be successful in simcity 4

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Now expand your commercial center just a little same with the neighborhood and we should be ready for some new ideas. Finally, if you find yourself in a bad budget situation...

how to be successful in simcity 4

Prev 1 2 3 Next Page 1 of 3. Ask Question. Sign up in this thread: Trees look nice, they're free at this point, they're easy to plant in large numbers, and they absorb the pollution put out by your city. Share Pin Email.