How good are astra de blades

Astra Superior Platinum Double Edge Razor Blades Review

Aug 16, 2014 17. I have heard that these blades are produced by Procter and Gamble the people that make Gillette so I know that they have the years of experience with wet shaving products. They never did work for me in the past, but I feel inspired to try them both SP and SS again with as much love as they get.

how good are astra de blades

This means that one of my shaves might equal two of someone that just shaves their face, or even more if they have a thinner beard. It took me a while to return to this blade, but I finally did for this testing.

Maybe I have them in the wrong razor.

how good are astra de blades

Forums Quick Links. Aug 16, 2014 13. When you read through the reviews you will find the majority of the people happy with them and they provide a close shave.

how good are astra de blades

Safety Razors. Search titles only Posted by Member: May 20, 2017 3.

how good are astra de blades

You have the option to buy these blades in a 5 pack and 100 pack. You will not break the pocket book with either purchase.

Astra Razor Blades Review – Why Astra is one of the best

Great price. In my opinion, these are the sharpest blades out there. Tears my face up, and the same thing with 7 oclock indian blacks.. It closely resembles the Derby extra hundred pack that I own.

To be completely honest these blades are so affordable I would just buy a 5 pack to start out and see for yourself on how long they last. Aug 16, 2014 9.

how good are astra de blades

But simply not as smooth as Personna Lab Blue, to me. May 20, 2017 6.

Astra Superior Platinum blades, simply the best.

Astra's were my first 100 blade purchase. Thanks, VerbaVolant! Aug 16, 2014 11. I personally did not like the Astra Superior Platinum and do not plan to try it again for personal use.