How did i get hyperthyroidism in children

Throughout a child's treatment, thyroid hormone levels will need to be monitored regularly, along with their clinical symptoms. Sign up and get yours free!

How thyroid disease differs in children

There is a very rare, but severe and life-threatening form of hyperthyroidism called thyroid storm. Tonic Digital Media Pty Ltd, its affiliates and their respective servants and agents do not accept any liability for any injury, loss or damage incurred by use of or reliance on the information made available via or through myDr whether arising from negligence or otherwise.

This oral medication destroys part or all of the thyroid gland, blocking the production of thyroid hormone. Women who become pregnant can also experience complications during pregnancy and delivery. Hyperthyroidism is diagnosed when the thyroid-stimulating hormone TSH level is below normal and the triiodothyronine T3 and thyroxine T4 levels are above normal. Hyperthyroidism in infants is usually caused by transplacental thyroid-stimulating antibodies from mothers with Graves disease.

Children and adolescents may present with alterations in growth, including growth acceleration and advanced bone age; however, puberty is often delayed rather than precocious. If hypothyroidism develops after the age of 3 when most thyroid-dependent brain development is complete the symptoms are insidious and may be difficult to pick up.

how did i get hyperthyroidism in children

Further treatment with radioactive iodine can be used in children especially those aged over ten years particularly those whose hyperthyroidism is difficult to control. This is not a side-effect of treatment, but a recovery of weight that had been lost when the person was hyperthyroid.

Is There a Link? If test results come back positive, then appropriate treatment is commenced immediately. Slowing of osteoarthritis with weight loss.

What Is the Thyroid?

Both radioactive iodine and surgery usually result in life-long hypothyroidism but this can be corrected by Levothyroxine supplements. Treatment Treatment of hyperthyroidism in children initially involves the use of antithyroid drugs, such as propylthiouracil PTU or carbimazole, and if well tolerated, these may be continued for months or even years. There are several possible causes for hyperthyroidism: Thyroiditis occurs when the thyroid gland becomes inflamed and excess thyroid hormone leaks into the blood.

Thankfully, the prognosis of thyroid cancer is good for children.

how did i get hyperthyroidism in children

If no biochemical abnormalities are noted, infants should be followed clinically until 2 to 3 mo of life to identify those few with delayed presentation 1. When the body has too much thyroid hormone, the excess can cause these processes to speed up, leading to symptoms like nervousness and weight loss. Videos Figures Images Quizzes. Other symptoms may emerge, such as unusual tiredness or lethargy, dry itchy skin, increased sensitivity to cold, weight gain or generalised swelling, poor concentration, decreased energy, and constipation.

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how did i get hyperthyroidism in children