Altered pulsar 150 bikesomewhere

So now I know who Master Nemesis Thanks for making by bike the first casualty for the night...

Myth Buster- Bajaj Showcases Modified Boxer BM 150 Not For Launch

What is TAA? Some answers need re-writing, some words to be translated in english, some information corrected.

altered pulsar 150 bikesomewhere

Bluz has proven he's not cheapo so there's a good chance he'll treat us all prata, and 2. Chain without O ring is as good and performed best when you care and maintain by lube s few drops every 300km - 500 km. I Had a skid last weekend...

altered pulsar 150 bikesomewhere

Felt sorry for both of them.. KTM 250 Duke Rs. That's what some of my friends do last time.

altered pulsar 150 bikesomewhere

Let me post the snaps soon. But like Gaban highlighted, the main problem is the spare parts: I had done similar mods to my P150 DTSi too. What's the pressure you guys pump for your rear and front tyre?

Pulsar 150 convert by cafe racer top gear modified

B4 u choose wat bike to buy, ask urself wat kinda bike u want and wat u want out of that bike. Sure, those office commutes can be interesting, but the humongous number of vehicles around you, surrounding you from all sides and prohibit you from riding as free as you want. We go Toh Guan branch? Join us in the meet-up and u'll know how it feels. I'm just stating a fact, that the price of the machine always shoots up at least 2.

Cos i looking to put fast throttle.

Modified Bajaj Pulsar 150: We bet you can’t make out this was a Pulsar earlier

All brother and sister out there, do you know where to get this so called faring below our pulsar 200cc? Of course, before we went for food, first a little photo session while some of us went to change money: Wow chief mechanic: At present for front brake you have the option to change to a better bite...

But it can be replaced for free.

altered pulsar 150 bikesomewhere

Lightweight quarter-litre bike with retro modern design explained in images. Can the pulsar forum admin contact AYU by hp n tell her maybe she will join u all at fingerpier.