10 couples who were serial killers

10 couples who were serial killers

Henry Lucas was convicted of 11 murders. It's scary enough to think of one person being capable of going on a grisly rampage. They were then tied to a bed, where they were raped, beaten, tortured and sometimes after being kept alive for days killed by strangulation or gun-shot.

The police finally caught up with them after they had a fight with a passing motorist who had stopped to help them.

10 of the Worst Serial Killer Couples in Modern History

More rare thankfully is a team of two of more serial killers who work actively together, some times too well. From there, the two were on the run for two months robbing, killing and raping at least 10 people. Believing that a new age of political freedom was upon Central Europe, Communist premiere Imre Nagy moved to establish a multiparty system.

10 couples who were serial killers

Coleman ruled over Brown, he was dominant and threatening - their relationship was compared to a master and slave scenario. Unlike Warsaw, which was all but burned to the ground during World War II , Krakow still has all of the medieval charm that one would expect to find in Southern Poland.

Myra died in prison in 2002, whereas Brady still serves his time at Ashworth Mental Hospital. This resulted in Charles shooting and killing them both, along with her toddler half-sister. The killed by shooting, stabbing, strangling, and bludgeoning.

7 Creepy Serial Killer Couples Whose Gruesome Crimes Left Their Mark On History

In 1956, thousands of Hungarians took to the streets after Soviet premiere Nikita Khrushchev publicly denounced the repressive policies of the Stalinist era. The two met only a year prior and Coleman already had previous charges for rape and assault.

In 1915, a German thinker named Friedrich Naumann wrote a book entitled Mitteleuropa. Perhaps afraid of being hurt, the woman would go along with his desires and whims, and get swept up in them.

10 Awful Serial Killer Teams

Russian housekeeper Inessa Tarverdiyeva was just an "ordinary mother" before she turned to murder alongside her husband, Roman Podkopaev. After forcing the girls into the van, they drove to the Sierra Nevada Mountains, where Gerald raped the girls.

10 couples who were serial killers

Once detectives caught up with the delusional couple, they were both sentenced to 75 years behind bars. Some of the women were allowed to live, while others were killed.